The SDGs: a brand purpose for the world?

We recently considered consumer perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals, or ‘SDGs’ – 17 globally agreed promises to our planet.

Because these goals are not currently well understood by mainstream consumers, business has an important role to play both in bringing […]

The Sustainable Development Goals: a consumer perspective

The UN’s recently published Sustainable Development Goals, or ‘SDGs’ have been far from headline-grabbing, despite their massive ambition in laying out a more positive future. Not to mention the gargantuan achievement of winning the endorsement of every nation on earth. […]

Brand Bowie

Embracing those ch-ch-changes

How do you create a forward-looking brand with a lasting legacy? One that’s prepared to change direction, but remains true to its core values?


The death of the great David Bowie this week had us thinking about the need […]

Building a brand legacy that goes the distance


A relatively new French food and drink brand has been causing quite a stir over the channel.  It goes by the names of its founders ‘Michel et Augustin’.  It sits firmly in the Ben & Jerry and innocent brand camp- […]

Sharing Brand Benefit

A recent IPSOS MORI poll into British voting intentions uncovered a mistaken belief. We tend to assume that the typical Brit is self-seeking when it comes to voting; while in fact most people are more genuinely motivated in ‘us’ than […]

Brand Legacy – built on people

The VW scandal of the autumn seems to have blown over, leaving people to say that consumers have a short memory and that any good brand can rebound. But is this the real story?

A little reported phenomenon has apparently been […]

Where are consumers at when it comes to ‘sustainability’?

At Brand Legacy we keep an eye on the language of responsible branding, and although the term ‘sustainability’ has been more visible in recent months than ever before, we’ve generally found the term has left consumers a little non-plussed and […]