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Sharing Brand Benefit

A recent IPSOS MORI poll into British voting intentions uncovered a mistaken belief. We tend to assume that the typical Brit is self-seeking when it comes to voting; while in fact most people are more genuinely motivated in ‘us’ than […]

Where are consumers at when it comes to ‘sustainability’?

At Brand Legacy we keep an eye on the language of responsible branding, and although the term ‘sustainability’ has been more visible in recent months than ever before, we’ve generally found the term has left consumers a little non-plussed and […]

Factoring in social and economic issues

For a challenging yet refreshing view of economics and the role we can play, visit the New Economics Foundation website. Pioneered the idea of the Happy Planet Index

Businesses leading the way

Take a look at some companies who are taking a hard-headed approach to sustainability issues and building strong brand and marketing strategies:

Walmart, who have launched a sustainability index that will change the footprint of millions of SKUs across the US

Nike, […]

Documenting the future

If you have an hour spare, watch this spellbinding film called Home which has created ripples with the French public and other nations around the world:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU It has already been watched on line by over 3 million viewers

If you have only […]

Doom and Gloom with a touch of humour

This US website is full of all sorts of mainstream and quirky facts, events and commentary